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The first part is professional concept • brand charm • product advantage • background knowledge

Preface - to the HUMTTO outdoor store retail specialist

Welcome you to be a family member of the brand sales team of HUMTTO ti-tu outdoor shoe apparel brand, and to your recognition of HUMTTO's great outdoors brand! I sincerely hope that the sales of the outdoor brand store at HUMTTO will have a positive impact on your future life!

Sales, in fact, is an important way for us to engage in social and interpersonal communication. Of course, because the job can also help improve our lives.

Sincerely hope that in HUMTTO welding way of outdoor brand work makes your life experience a platform, through the store sales and operations work, make you get a job gains at the same time, to solid a good groundwork for the progress of your future life.

Thank you for your recognition of HUMTTO's outdoor brand and products, and we also pay tribute to your sincere efforts to make every point of the HUMTTO outdoor brand's progress in the market.

Quanzhou great road outdoor goods co., LTD

What is a guide?

Why is it called a guide? To guide the purchase. In other words, consumers need to guide products. "Guide", is the guidance meaning, good guide in according to customer specific requirements, not only help customers find the goods they have been confirmed to, put forward the proposal to customers at the same time, introduce to them for their new products. The "guidance" is "advisor". Therefore, the purchase is the soul of the store, determine the store sales performance. Buy good general stores in the position of business circle into a prosperous shop, mentality and passive, lacked the ability to promote and guide in no affinity, can make originally prosperous shop sales downturn "die shop"! That's what death shops do and live shops do. Thus it can be seen that there is a lot of room for conducting.

What is sales?

Both the store manager and the guide are selling. As store manager and director, we need to know the principle: sales, is to let the consumer buy superfluous things! Think about why online shopping is hot? Everyone is satisfied with the desire to buy, the possessive desire, and not really want what thing! Emotional moment of decision, is the key to deal! This can also be called "linmen's foot".

Do sales people are very lively mind wise, must be good at absorbing new knowledge, fully understand the psychological characteristics of customers, from the good thoughts of "respect, care, dealing with all kinds of embarrassing scene. We feel that sincere smile is an effective way to resolve the cold and all embarrassments. Therefore, to make sales, learn sincere, cordial smile, is the first course of professional practice.

How do we understand the store?

Store, first is the space of product display. Therefore, how to better display products, highlight the selling points of products, to attract customers' attention and purchase with better "selling phase", is the first step of the store;

Second, the store is the consumer's experience place for the product, and in addition to the fitting, the customer can have a pleasant feeling during the short stay in the store, which is very critical. The core of customer "consumer experience" is "feeling comfortable". This feeling of "comfort" comes from our "face" and the store's visual perception: light, display, picture, etc.

Again, the shop is a kind of spread. The best advertisement is the shop. For example, in the same street (or store) there are a lot of the same brand of outdoor shops, the streets of pedestrians are able to choose to enter the welding way outdoor shop, shop to the appeal of itself is critical. What are the attractions for pedestrians? Door, window, the store's lighting, advertising, music, and display the charm of the products, the most important is really clerk (including general manager, welcome, shoppers) their image and status, and even the clerk standing posture, facial expressions, the clerk right at the time of shipment status, etc.

We can understand this: the shop is a stage, we are always in front of the eyes of the crowd. Our unintentional choices determine whether customers are willing to walk into our store. And "walk into the shop" is the premise that decides "popularity", achievement sales.

When a customer walks into a store, it doesn't mean that it's done. On the contrary, many people walk into the store just to "look around" and "browse around". How to turn "random" looking into buyers, we need both got nuance of judgment and response, at the same time, more need to present in the light of consumer psychology, the accurate guide to promote product selling point of some language. This language is a professional "guide talk" or "sales talk"!

What is "direct purchase"?

It is to promote the sales guiding language that customers buy. This language has a certain affinity, professional, natural, concise, consistent with the customer psychology, and also a persuasive product selling point.

The we designed to improve the regional same-store sales and improve staff professional ability to clinch a deal the written this guide "operation manual", is the introduction of specific products, is also to emphasize "guides" to reach purchase, improve the important role of same-store sales. Buy we can according to these "words" organize effective (impress customers, reassurance, and promote determination) guide language, effectively improve same-store sales, also for personal gain considerable sales commission. The most important thing is to improve the communication and sales ability of the staff. This kind of ability also lets us socialize in the society, act also like a fish to water, feel things successful, have very good people's happy feeling!

To effectively form your own guide, you must understand some key elements: the brand, the lifestyle that the product represents, the specific selling point of the product, and so on.

Background knowledge of sales and store operations:

Brand story


In 1985, HUMTTO was introduced as a fashion outdoor equipment brand in the United States.

The economic boom of the 1980s and the spirit of American freedom and exploration gave rise to a group of young rich people keen on outdoor life. HUMTTO started out as an outdoor life club of these young people. Due to their demands of outdoor equipment in addition to the professional function, more emphasis on fashion, make HUMTTO also increasingly favored by outdoor enthusiasts recognition of professional outdoor brands, the fashion of the lightweight hiking shoes, cross-country running shoes, outdoor light shoes categories, professional players become widely popular standard and lasting love.

HUMTTO's outdoor brand aesthetics

With the feelings of respect for the brand, in order to "make quality products become part of the good life" for the beginner's mind, we are always with original, lightweight, functional and comfortable as per the design and manufacture of a product standard, through strict optional material, quality control, make each product can become consumers' favorite thing in the world. At present, our products are divided into: mountaineering shoes, hiking shoes, off-road running shoes, hiking shoes, sandal sandals, outdoor leisure shoes and light shoes. It is mainly original, but also the trend of the trend. Besides, it is suitable for daily work, socializing, casual wear, personality and taste. It is suitable for many styles of clothing.

Product classification

At present, our products are divided into three categories: footwear, clothing, equipment (including equipment, accessories).

Shoes and shoes include: hiking shoes, hiking shoes, off-road running shoes, hiking shoes, sandal sandals, outdoor leisure shoes and light shoes;

Clothing products include: charge clothes, windbreaker (sports coat), skin clothing, trousers (including outdoor shorts), t-shirts, hoodies, hoodies, down jackets, etc.

Equipment products: equipment including climbing staffs, water bottles, tents, outdoor lighting; Accessories include hats, socks, protective gear, backpacks, etc.

How to understand "outdoor"?

"Outdoor" today, in addition to refer to a professional sports, such as cross-country running, mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping, long ride, hike and other professional sports, at the same time, as the economic income level, people prefer to try in addition to the city of entertainment, shopping, activities such as parties, more willing to try to the natural environment of leisure, entertainment, discover new scenery. Or pursue a romantic nature scene, going to the suburbs, mountains, and the night sky. In a word, is not only the exercise, explore the new landscape, but also can relax in natural surroundings, fish feel romantic, this activity is both the outdoor life, also need to have the function of professional outdoor shoes, clothing, outdoor activities and equipment. Outdoor life has become a form of leisure, not limited to professionals. More broadly, "outdoor" is "outside the door". In other words, outside the room is "outdoor life". Thus, the market space of outdoor shoe apparel and equipment is huge, and with the understanding and acceptance of "outdoor fun", the sales space of "outdoor shoe apparel brand" will be even bigger!

How to understand the difference between "outdoor shoe apparel" and regular "sneaker clothes"?

Today people will gradually form the concept of "outdoor life" and the general life form. For example, when taking a long vacation trip, when enjoying a vacation in the distance, they will choose professional outdoor equipment from security, convenience and comfort, coordination with the environment, etc.

In the past, people used to wear sneaker clothes as "life shoes". But in exquisite professional effect and motion feeling today, general sports shoes clothing clearly does not have "outdoor" professional function, so if you use the general sports shoes suit to do outdoor sports, can affect the feeling of the outdoor activities and effect, such as ordinary shoes than hiking shoes obviously does not have the prey, and to protect themselves from blowing sand function; And the difference between off-road running shoes and common running shoes is obviously not only the difference between colors and materials, but also the more powerful anti-wear base of the grip and the first class of anti-collision shoes.

As for the functional materials such as wind protection, thermal protection, rain proofing and anti-waste products, outdoor clothing is obviously more professional.

Moreover, from the perspective of style outdoor class fashionable shoes clothes can also have the performance of the general sports brand often tend to gorgeous fashion style, the quality of outdoor shoes and clothing, outdoor natural elements, is lasting, classic, natural beauty of personality, even in the city, the office in outdoor style shoes clothes, can reflect a person more natural and thick character charm.

What are the advantages of the brand of outdoor shoe apparel?

As the potential of the outdoor brand brand, welding way outdoor professional style, draw lessons from the core of the industry's top brands such as outdoor brands in footwear stressed the design aesthetic and functional organic integration. At the same time considering the people love for fashion, they want to get rid of the professional outdoor equipment gives a person the sense of the heavy, boring, as a result, we welding way outdoor shoes clothes while keeping strict professional function, on the basis of make the products more vivid aesthetic feeling. What's more, we realize that people don't lack shoes, but they need better quality shoes. Therefore, we do not hesitate to use the best materials to make each product have the authentic quality dignity and texture presentation. In the shoemaking industry, we have taken the lead in proposing the standard of quality in addition to the delivery time and quality requirements. In combination, our strengths lie in the four features of "original, lightweight, functional and comfortable".

What is texture?

Texture is the core factor that makes the shoe clothing products make consumers feel valuable and attract consumers' attention.

Simple sense, at some point, can be understood as "quality", that is a dress, a pair of shoes on display in the shop, let the consumer feel quality is very good, the color and style are very beautiful. Texture, also can be understood as "stereo feeling". A pair of shoes, for example, feels very sculptural, like a sculpture, not pieced together of several pieces of flat plate. The most basic meaning can be understood as the texture is very hierarchical, such as a garment of fabric is very clear, or a pair of shoes of the skin of the skin can see the texture of the skin. For styling shoes, or clothing with good fabric effects, we can use "texture" as a selling point for this product to be marketed to consumers. For example, if a pair of shoes is neither prominent features, also have no trend of bright-coloured color, so, you can say with consumers: used by the shoes material is very exquisite, modelling also a sense of design, can be is a simple sense. Very accord with you to pay attention to introversion, the dress style that pays attention to quality.

In the great outdoors of HUMTTO, in order to pursue the unique quality and comfortable wearing experience, we use leather as the shoe surface. For example, use the first layer of cow leather, pig, the cow balge (anti-fur, anti-flannelette) and other materials. This kind of material has the style of outdoor shoe is unique on one hand, but also most can reflect the sense of quality. Therefore, our products are widely popular in the market, and people who cross the HUMTTO outdoor products are sure to buy and introduce to their friends and relatives again!

What is aesthetics?

People today are more in pursuit of a sense of beauty. Beauty, almost all fields become religion! From the level of the entertainment industry's appearance, little fresh, young model, to the daily life of people often in "beauty", "handsome", to the people in daily life behavior bold to clothing, shoes, clothing modelling, bright color, special interests, you can see how people with highest pursue and the principle of "beauty" taste. Products, today, is not a must-buy practical item, but a more personal, more beautiful "props". Therefore, products are aesthetics!

In view of the changes in industry and consumption psychology, we have pioneered the concept of "product aesthetics" in the whole industry.

The strict sense of "aesthetics" is a study of aesthetic psychology. We propose "aesthetics" today as a style that makes consumers feel beautiful, or that HUMTTO has unique features. Moreover, it is to understand the consumer's aesthetic psychology, from the aesthetic point of view of product interpretation and purchase, better to achieve the purchase.

The aesthetic characteristics of our products are "original, lightweight, functional and comfortable". Many styles are our original design, or our goal is to provide consumers with products with unique aesthetic characteristics of HUMTTO, and become the original brand.

All of our products can be explained from one of these four features, and the selling point of a single product. For example, this style is our original design style of HUMTTO, which shows your unique personality. Such as: our hiking shoes not only for this material with leather, and in professional non-slip, grip, and other functions as above, but like the same kind of hiking shoes, outdoor shoes we because the sole is light, flexible Eva bottom + stop slippery wear-resisting rubber film, thus the whole shoe on the basis of the professional function with fashion, taste style. This is our "light weight" and "lightweight" aesthetics.

"Functionalization" is also a selling point of our products, mainly on the sole of the shoe. You can make a simple and authoritative purchase according to different shoe styles and the composition of the sole. "Comfort" is actually the best selling point. "Comfort" is the highest requirement for consumers to feel their products and services. It is also the best experience after using products and receiving services.

For consumers to gain comfortable experience through the use of HUMTTO products, it is the undying pursuit of the HUMTTO outdoor brand. These are all embodied in our products. Such as sets of here process, such as repeatedly try foot feeling, grinding shoe last, always use the best phylon (lightweight flexible Eva bottom + stop slippery wear-resisting rubber film) bottoms, use the head layer cowhide, the fur, etc. Pursuit on the vamp design contracted, have design feeling of aesthetic principles, but also reduces the complex of the vamp structure on both feet caused by friction, extrusion, keep the shoes inside clean, smooth, create the most comfortable foot feeling!