Free from the yoke, the outdoors world is different

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  People for a long time in large reinforced cement city city, study, work, and even money, right of various desire fame and fortune can let a person lost, or spiritual loss, fatigue, depression, is released. It is time to stop the endless desire, the hearts of retrieved was born; It's time to let yourself get rid of mental slavery, from body to mind and give yourself time to rest, to give it free breathing time. Light, walk into nature, look to the lofty sky, the sky sunset glow, the distance of forage grass, smell of flowers, grass also went to see his most real bad.


The baptism of outdoor sports is a spiritual perspective


  Desire, sometimes is invisible, it is like some kind of faith, and you don't tell, don't know it exists, also don't know its advantages and disadvantages between good and evil, but in its pocket. It makes you move forward, also make you lose yourself, exhausted. , you need to do is to relax yourself, also may be just a temporary jump originally position, a change of attitude and from another Angle to look at themselves. In nature, all experience visual shock and heart touching will make your heart to accept baptism, may be you don't notice the change, but when you go to the original own, believe that there will be different.


  As HUMTTOT711102, after 2016 years of market tests, down for further study, out of the old narrow vision, put back to the position of the hiking shoes, emphasize it to travel long distances in the wearing comfort, lightweight shoe body, high elastic EVA in great shock and RB rubber sole wear-resisting non-slip. One small change, just to let the wearer experiencing the sensation of shoes foot one negative fat zero.


Rich is trapt decode correctly

  We often say trapt, but never really understand what is involved it iron chains, it consists of a variety of external factors and internal thinking, and we want to get rid of it, also need to be rich and colorful content to fill it, and to do more to try, to see more possibilities, let the heart becomes rich, with full inner and such and such ideas, change the limit, let the heart space.


  The mission of a pair of shoes, in the final analysis, it is the foot protection shell, and let it become a real "good" foot guard angel, need a variety of different materials in order to achievement. Anti-collision shoes, shoe perforated breathable mesh cloth, microfiber, stretch fabric shoes, the sole rubber elastic damping MD, wear-resisting, all of these lists, sounds is matter of nouns, but are shaping a complete HUMTTO711102 essential elements of the shoes, they are short of one cannot.



Desire is your shadow, and when you change a pair of eyes to see, you'll go to see the light source. Trapt is your arms, when you open hands, to embrace the warmth of more than five fingers to catch you. When you're in some kind of obsession is eager to break free, when you confused don't know where the future, be inferior to put down the phone, put delicate leather shoes, high heels, plunge into a ponytail, hang suits, go to see a world in nature.




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