After exercise, leg muscle ache is how to return a responsibility

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First, the reasons for leg muscle soreness should be clear: this is a normal natural physiological phenomenon; second, the exercise intensity is great, which is a reaction of exercise fatigue; After exercise, the body produces a product called lactic acid. People in a super-strength hiking, mountain climbing, muscle fiber arrangement changes, the formation of "lactic acid" , "lactic acid" can not be excreted in time, the muscle will continue to soreness. How to reduce leg muscle soreness 1, more rest: Rest can slow muscle soreness phenomenon, more rest can link fatigue and promote blood circulation, accelerate the elimination of metabolic lactic acid, make it return to normal. 2, medication: You can choose to use the cream of fluticillin ointment, Yunnan Baiyao, safflower oil and other Shu Jin huoluo ointment coated muscle sore parts to alleviate soreness. MASSAGE: massage the sore muscle, relax the sore muscle, promote blood circulation, speed up the decomposition of lactic acid, slow down the degree of muscle soreness. 4. HOT COMPRESS: use A hot towel to apply heat to sore muscles, promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and ease the pain caused by muscle soreness. 5. If you're sore, it's a great way to relieve muscle soreness. 3. How to relieve leg muscle soreness during exercise 1. Mineral loss during exercise can also accelerate leg muscle soreness, so it is necessary to supplement potassium in time, such as eating bananas, watermelon, grapefruit, oranges and other fruits. 2, in the outdoor exercise process, timely replenishment of water is also very necessary. 3. Stretching your legs and massaging your leg muscles can help.