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1. Salary = basic salary + overtime allowance + post allowance + social security allowance + performance commission + other subsidy + bonus + benefit award + bonus to the full attendance + year-end bonus.

2. The company often organizes collective activities, such as dinners, games, Tours, etc

Company name: tisco outdoor products co. LTD

Headquarters: no.4, building 8, riverside east road, meiling street, jinjiang city, fujian province (opposite to baolong hotel, the capital of aile)

Companies are young people and believe you will reap a challenging and rewarding job.


Trade merchandiser

Clerk/foreign trade clerk

Job responsibilities:

1. By telephone, QQ, WeChat, etc. : customer order -- receipt -- arranging delivery -- tracking logistics -- complete;

2. Maintain good relationship with customers, understand their sales situation, and offer to recommend our new products once again.

Job requirements:

1. Accept the English preference of fresh graduates;

2. Interested in business receipt, and have patience!

3. There are not many requirements for this position, mainly interested in the direction of development. We also have professional staff to teach you that the company is willing to cultivate talents.

Dress merchandiser/QC

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the tracking of clothing production, from the manuscript of the garment, to the fabric and process, and to supervise a series of work in the production period of the factory;

2. Collect new clothing information and learn about industry information;

3. Responsible for the design and development of outdoor clothing products, supplier development, product purchasing, delivery and quality tracking;

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with outdoor clothing industry;

2. Understand the cost accounting of products, understand materials, and find suppliers' quotes through product pictures;

At least 3.2 years of quality management experience in garment industry;

4. Familiar with the production process and quality control knowledge and operation procedures of outdoor clothing, and familiar with the quality of brand clothes;

Familiar with product quality inspection standard.

The personnel administration

Job responsibilities:

1. Institutional construction: to compile and optimize the relevant system of human resource management and implement it;

2. Position management: according to the company's development strategy, perform functional decomposition, improve the job description and make human resource management adapt and promote the company's development;

3. Recruitment: recruiting excellent management team and establishing a talent development reserve plan;

4. Performance management: improve the employee performance appraisal system and improve the management level of the company;

5. Salary management: check the employees' attendance and check the salary of employees; Handle staff five social insurance and one housing fund; Gradually complete the competitive and equity compensation management system, motivate employees' potential and motivation, and enhance the company's cohesion;

6. Personnel management: the employee's entry, resignation, transfer and departure management;

7. Corporate culture: coordinate staff relations, establish and promote enterprise culture construction;

8. Relevant administrative work.


1, college degree or above in management, 3 years relevant working experience in human resources management, familiar with hr operation rules and procedures of each module are familiar with all labor laws, regulations and policies of the state; Recruitment module is preferred;

2. Have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and good professional ethics;

3. Have strong communication skills, coordination ability, good teamwork spirit and affinity.


Cross-border e-commerce

Fresh graduate (English major)

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the operation of cross-border e-commerce B2C platform (Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, eBay, etc.);

2. Product upload and optimization: product image processing, product title and description written and published to the store;

3. Promotion of store marketing: increase review, internal drainage and promotion, and outside of the station through such drainage and promotion as Facebook;

4. Monitor FBA inventory data, timely replenishment and timely cleaning of inventory;

6. Customer service: daily customer message reply;


0, read and write English well and want to go to the cross-border e-commerce development can come to interview!!!

1. College degree or above, major in English, e-commerce, international trade, foreign trade, business English, cet-4, cet-6;

2. More than 1 year of Amazon Amazon and other cross-border e-commerce platform customer service or operation experience is preferred;

3. Fresh graduates who have accepted English first. Familiar with the policies and regulations of Amazon's Amazon platform, familiar with outdoor footwear industry is preferred;

4. Familiar with overseas websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter;

5. Minimum requirements: read and write English well and be responsible for it.

6. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, and there is a passion and religious belief for cross-border e-commerce.